5 Things To Consider When Designing Your Own Team Uniform 

Designing your own team uniform can be a challenge – one that will eventually pay off. Fortunately, you do not need to be a professional to design sports uniforms to pull of an outstanding, one of a kind uniform that your entire team will love. If you have decided to take the matter into your own hands, then it is important to consider the five following aspects before moving any further:

1. Decide On The Type Of Fabric 

Although this may seem the obvious thing to do, the truth is that you need to do your research and to find the most sports-friendly material for your future team uniform, otherwise you will end up sweating on the sports court as if you are in a sauna. Ideally, you should choose polyester or jersey – although the latter is slightly thicker, it is very breathable and it does not retain moisture. Make sure the material is lightweight and comfortable enough, and always remember to ask your team players for their opinion – in the end, they will be wearing the uniform as well. 

2. Choose A Representative Colour Code 

When it comes to custom sports apparel, it is important to say that the colour code is at least as important as the logo or the motto or the team. It must be unique, it must send a message, it must be located in a visible spot and it must also enter the public conscience, so that whenever your team fans will see a specific colour code, they will instantly think of your team. That is one of the best things you can do in terms of branding.

That being said, make sure to pick at least two (but maximum five) different colours and combine them in a unique and appealing manner. Don’t forget to select the colour for the numbers and the lettering as well, and make sure that they do match, otherwise you will end up looking like a walking rainbow on the court!

3. Design A Logo 

Now that you have decided on the type of material and on the colour code that will be used, the next thing you need to do is to design the logo. The logo should include several essential details related to your team, such as the name, the location of the team and such. Also, make sure to place it in a visible spot, preferably either on the chest or on the back. 

4. Paneling Or No Paneling?

This is a tough decision, and you should take into account the ranking and the position of your team before deciding whether you will opt for side paneling or not. For instance, does your team belong to any club? Is it a formal and official team (or do you intend it to be in the near future)? If the answer is yes, then paneling is the best choice, as it will give the team uniform a professional and classy allure. 

5. Don’t Go Overboard!

Less truly is the new more, and if you opt for too many details or elements for your team uniform, both your co-players and your fans will get lost in translation. Keep it simple, keep the logo clean and visible, and avoid adding too many elements that distract the attention. The purpose of the uniform is to reflect the profile of the sports team, not to serve as a mobile advertisement. 


These are some of the essential things that you need to consider before designing your team uniform. If you do have the big picture in mind yet you do not know where to start from, then you can always use the services of a professional designer that specialises in custom sports apparel NZ.